MacTay Outsourcing’s procurement solutions proffer organizations the ability to grow while sustainably reducing
costs. In an increasing global supply base, procurement and financial departments realize the need for deeper efficiency through Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

Our procurement outsourcing process incorporates best practices and in conjunction with our longstanding global
network of partners, suppliers and experience, we deliver world-class procurement services across a wide array of

More specifically, we affect your bottom line by tackling procurement challenges with a toolkit of tried and tested
processes, skills and expertise in the most cost and time efficient way, customized to suit your organization’s mode of operation and in line with corporate objectives.

We cover a wide range of procurement services. Our specialists are equipped to solve any procurement challenges our clients face, no matter how intricate. We are able to offer customized procurement services, ask for more information.


Vendor  Vendor/Supplier Management, Risk assessment and Compliance

Having an efficient system that encompasses supplier information, relationships and processes that
support compliance and significantly reduce risks is a prerequisite for realizing savings in time and costs
in the procurement department of an organization.

source Source to Contract

Streamline your tactical procurement from source to contract. We work to strategically maximize the
value of your procurement activities. The end-to-end process guarantees improved efficiency, compliance
and cost savings.

category Spend Management and Analysis

Efficiently analyze and manage spending for greater control over spending and handling of complex categories.